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We empower organizations to become data-driven. Perscio integrates data from across your organization and the world to provide insights and discover opportunities.
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Services and Offerings

Perscio is flexible with a variety of data services and engagement options. No matter where your business is, we want to help you leverage the power of data.

Predictive Analytics

Don't be content with data that only tells you what already has happened. Perscio will help you know what will happen next.

Business Intelligence

Perscio will help you become a data-driven organization that uses powerful intelligence to make effective and profitable decisions.

Data Strategy

If your organization is ready to make data a powerful part of daily decision making, Perscio will help you form an effective data strategy.


We are senior-level business practitioners, with a team of data scientists and engineers, who offer our clients the guidance to navigate data.

Data Visualization

Don't be content with old 2D charts and graphs. At Perscio, we can create real-time, 3D, and interactive visualizations of data.

Data Science as a Service

Perscio's of data scientists and engineers can be utilized as an on-demand service for small projects or team augmentation.

IoT (Internet of Things)

Our engineers can develop rapid prototypes and proof-of-concepts, as well as consult on technologies and product development.


Perscio is able to develop data analysis and visualizations into fully functioning applications for web or mobile.

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Schedule a Discovery Session

We begin every relationship with a free no-pressure discovery session. During this time we will ask you questions about your business and how you use data today. Then we will take some time to tell you about how other companies are using data in your industry and what data-sets and solutions may be useful for you.