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Kent Hiller


(317) 696-1697

Kent is a 25+ year technology executive with experience spanning many disciplines and industries including aerospace, state government, financial services, learning management, healthcare, technology & management consulting.

The first portion of his career was spent as a design engineer in the defense sector for Boeing Defense & Space Group. While there, Kent transitioned to data and software and has remained in that arena ever since. The following 10 years was spent managing all aspects of software development and delivery. The last third of Kent’s career has been focused on the business aspects of technology.

Kent’s expertise covers strategic planning, new market development, web-based product management, product strategy, partnership/relationship management, and sales. Kent’s primary focus for the last 6+ years has been healthcare where he has built and delivered solutions for both providers and payers. Kent earned a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology from Purdue University and an MBA from Seattle University. In addition, Kent serves as a councilor on the Dean's Advisory Council (DAC) at IU School of Informatics and Computing.

  • Aman Bhasin
    Kent and I worked closely together in a very challenging and dynamic healthcare technology startup arena. Our work necessitated a thorough understanding of very complex policy and technology issues coupled with the capacity to offer creative solutions to a wide variety of healthcare partner organizations. I found Kent's domain knowledge, technology depth, and relationship development acumen amongst the best I've ever encountered.
    Aman Bhasin
    CIO - Alameda Alliance for Health
  • Molly Butters
    Kent's thoughtful leadership style engenders an open, collaborative and constructive work environment. He is a methodical thinker and a tireless researcher which makes him an invaluable source for complex technical and policy insights. In addition to furthering his abilities to contribute as an individual, he is sincere in his pursuit to empower his colleagues to contribute their best work, as well. Kent's approach to management and mentorship is intentional and tactful, providing tailored and constructive feedback and direction to his direct-reports. When navigating turbulent waters, Kent is someone people seek out to steady the ship.
    Molly Butters
    Marketing & Communications Director - Broad Ripple Group, LLC
  • John Kansky
    I’ve known Kent several years. Above all he’s a good thinker with a highly organized brain. I’ve watched him bring order to large complex initiatives involving diverse groups of people and many moving parts. He can organize and visualize concepts, information and relationships and find ways to bring others to understand them.
    John Kansky
    President & CEO of IHIE
  • Curt Sellke
    In my years of working with Kent in healthcare data & technology solutions, I have found his domain knowledge to be extremely broad and robust. Kent's creative problem-solving capabilities are exceptional. I always enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with Kent - these sessions always produce excellent results and value.
    Curt Sellke
    Sr. Director Client Engagement - Health Catalyst
  • Dana Fieni
    Kent and I worked arm-in-arm in the Sales and BusDev trenches for a healthcare startup in a very complex and challenging environment. Success for us in these situations required a solid knowledge set for both the healthcare domain in terms of process and economics in addition to a fundamentally sound comprehension of the technology involved. Kent's depth in all of these areas was a unique and significant component to our success. I look forward to an opportunity for us to work together again in the future.
    Dana Fieni
    Sr. Director of Business Development & Partnerships at Cureatr
  • Dave Kelleher
    Kent and I worked together on numerous healthcare-related programs over the last several years. These spanned a broad range of activities from a multi-million dollar federal initiative to a statewide, highly complex, healthcare quality measurement and improvement program. All of these engagements required both a broad base of managerial and leadership skills and specific domain expertise. Kent’s depth of technology experience and his ability to quickly expand his fund of knowledge in health care, were critical to the success of these projects.
    Dave Kelleher
    President - Healthcare Options
  • Gloria Sachdev
    I have worked and collaborated with Kent in numerous capacities over the years. I always find his solutions to difficult healthcare challenges to be thoughtful, creative, and solid in both technology and business aspects. His ability to visualize complexity and distill into understandable explanations is second to none.
    Gloria Sachdev
    President & CEO of the Employers' Foum of Indiana

Bob Boehnlein


Bob has been part of big data’s evolution into the business world since ground-zero, working in C-level positions for organizations in big data analytics technology companies.

Regardless of the title, sharing ideas and visions with colleagues, partners, and clients has always motivated Bob professionally. Some of the best of these ideas have been drafted on napkins, and then transformed into successful business plans.

He drives this visionary process, along with a team of senior-level business consultants, engineers, and data scientists who share his focus and passion. Together they are committed to working with their clients to maximize the value that Big Data analytics can bring them.

Dr. Alan Snell

Clinical Technology Consultant

Dr. Alan Snell serves as a clinical technology and strategy advisor to Perscio. With 27 years of experience as a primary care physician, Dr. Snell’s information technology interests and leadership led him to serve as a trustee for several health systems. He previously served as Chief Medical Information Officer within Trinity Health and Ascension Health. He also founded one of the nation’s first Health Information Exchanges, which led to his appointment to a range of community, professional and state organization.

He is an expert in new clinical technologies and was the creator of the “Intelligent Medical Home” at national HIMSS. He serves as a faculty member for the Physician Leadership Academy. His insights on the application of emerging data and technology uses in the delivery of healthcare is a critical asset to Perscio as our service offerings evolve to bring more and more data-driven insight to the healthcare arena.

What We Do

We are your business partner focused on creating Big Data opportunities. Our unique expertise allows us to bridge the gap between the technical world of Big Data and the practical aspects of business strategy. We work with you to identify key questions for your company, define a strategy, choose products, implement solutions and build the organizational competence to make changes based upon the analysis of the data.

Who We Are

We are senior-level business practitioners, with a team of data scientists and engineers, who offer our clients the guidance to navigate Big Data. We started after several combined decades of experience in information technology, strategic planning, business development, and team building, and are uniquely positioned as experts in this burgeoning opportunity.

How We Do It

We listen to our clients as they generate the most important questions they want answered for their company. Then we leverage open data sets, predictive analytics, sensor technologies and stunning visualizations to help our clients answer their questions and transform their business.

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Perscio is a Tableau Alliance Partner

Perscio is excited to bring the power of Tableau to our clients. Tableau is quickly becoming the standard for business analytics and data visualization software. However, most businesses still don't know the full potential of Tableau or all the ways it can help discover insights in data.

Explore and Discover Insights in Your Data.

The most exciting part of Tableau, in our opinion, is that ability to "play" with multiple sources and types of data to find new insights you wouldn't even know to look for. Most of the time, people run reports only when they are looking for something, but Tableau's unique interactive dashboards reveal valuable correlations you might never have found otherwise.

Discover What Tableau Can Do for You

To get started Perscio offers a no-pressure, no-cost introduction to Tableau for businesses who are curious about what Tableau can do for them.

Tableau Feature Highlights

  • Pull, compare, and correlate multiple sources and types of data into a dashboard
  • Update visualizations in real-time
  • Geographically visualize your data across the globe or down to a neighborhood
  • Embed reports and visualizations into your website, applications, and internal dashboards

Schedule a Discovery Session

We begin every relationship with a free no-pressure discovery session. During this time we will ask you questions about your business and how you use data today. Then we will take some time to tell you about how other companies are using data in your industry and what data-sets and solutions may be useful for you.