Customer Engagement

Until recently, using data for anything other than describing what happened in the past has been isolated to only the largest of enterprises with access to teams of data scientists. Even for the large enterprises, making the transition from being prescriptive to being truly adaptive is challenging. Today, Big Data allows businesses to collect, analyze, and respond to customer behavior instantly, predict it, and even adapt on the fly to real-time conditions.

There is more data available regarding customer engagement and marketing than ever before, and it is growing at an accelerating pace. While many great products have been developed which put a lot of data at the hands of savvy marketers, the greatest sources of data are still challenging for the average company to harvest. Perscio works with organizations to leverage predictive analytics in accessing the world of Big Data and implementing adaptive marketing strategies.

We actively explore Big Data challenges and solutions for:

  • Real-time global social media monitoring
  • Predictive trend analysis
  • Customer behavior tracking
  • Retention and loyalty
  • Contextual marketing
  • Direct causality identification
  • Demand discovery
  • Responsive and adaptive messaging

Big Data can be leveraged to solve these challenges in marketing and customer engagement:

  • How can we maximize our return on marketing investment (ROMI)?
  • How can we optimize our marketing mix? Channels? Product Lines? Geographies? Retention vs. Acquisition?
  • How can we adapt to change in our market real-time?
  • What is the “true” lifetime value of my customers including leveraged value?
  • What are my customers saying about me and how do I improve it?
  • What latent demands are my customers searching for that can help drive my company’s future?
  • What messaging is most relevant to customers and under what circumstances?

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