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Creating a Data Mart to Provide a Single Source of Insight with Tableau.

OurHealth is a provider of on-site (and near site) employee clinics, focused largely on wellness and primary care. They have an enormous amount of data: claims, EHR, biometric, Health Risk Assessment - not to mention eligibility, call center, financial, and other operational data sources. In an effort to begin working on a visionary data strategy, OurHealth enlisted Perscio to help build the strategy and then develop the data mart and operationalize Tableau.

Implementing a Data Strategy with Tableau

The OurHealth team was confident in wanting a data strategy approach and implementation that they could begin seeing value from immediately. Perscio's strategy gave OurHealth the ability to iterate and act quickly, with both short-term and long-term goals in site. Operationalizing Tableau was a pivotal piece of the plan. Once the data mart was built (and reliable data was accessible), OurHealth was able to transition their operational dashboards and then begin to enhance their executive dashboards. Client reporting regarding costs, utilization, and wellness measurements are now all done in Tableau.

Within a year's time, OurHealth now relies heavily upon Tableau to inform their operations and their clients. The analytics and visualization power of Tableau is critical in the assessment of their product, as it helps them answer the key question, "How do OurHealth clinics meet the needs of the employer and employees using them?" In so doing, Tableau has essentially begun driving their sales, operational efficiencies, and executive decision-making to grow.