What Content Will Attract My Target Audience?

Honing In On The Right Message

TechPoint's mission is to "connect, catalyze and evangelize Indiana's tech community." To do so involves identifying those in the community and engaging with them. After Perscio helped TechPoint identify their target audience, we assisted in helping them hear what these individuals were discussing on social media.

This strategy focused on two groups of interest to TechPoint: tech talent with ties to Indiana and a select group of Venture Capitalists who TechPoint is interested in. Knowing what each group is talking about allows a better opportunity to craft appropriate messaging for both groups.

Leveraging Social Media for Customer Insight

Perscio had two study groups for this exercise: the group of tech talent that was identified in another analysis, and a group of key Venture Capitalists. The goal was to understand what both groups were interested in and to then find ways to produce content of meaning for both groups. This process started with pulling recent Tweets from all the identified individuals and conducting a sentiment analysis on them. What hashtags did they include? What other Tweet Profiles were they engaging with or following? What URLs were they sharing? The result of the analysis provided a list of topics (including startups, big data, and World Cup for the tech talent and startups, tech and cloud for the VC group). Once the topics were gleaned, TechPoint set about creating messaging and programming that would attract participation and conversation among both groups.

Stop Guessing About Your Customer

The sentiment analysis Perscio did for TechPoint is an engagement that we can personalize for any business that wants to customize their messaging to better reach their customers. Twitter opens a gateway into the thinking and values of individuals. Analyzing their top priorities can provide insight into what customers want (or need) to hear, as well as where best to post content that would appeal to your target audience. Let Perscio help you find the people you want to talk to, and hear what they're talking about first.